Performer, Director, Professor
Theologian, TYA specialist




  Master of Mime 

Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de Paris, Marcel Marceau

  Marceau Technique
  Directing & Choreography
  Physical Theatre 

MFA in Theatre
University of Hawai'i Mānoa



Theatre for Young Audiences


Theology and Culture


Fuller Theological Seminary


Social Justice Theatre

Religion and the Arts

  Performance in Ancient Culture

  Arts Philosophies




Comedia Dell'arte






Video Editing

Arts Administration
Performance Studies

Sword Fighting






Conference Speaker





Sacerdotal Services

Arts Consulting

Curriculum Development

Tour Management

Movement consultant

Educational Services




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International  Performer of physical theatre and theologian
based in Honolulu Hawaii



03 Experience


Paris & Marcel Marceau 

Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame,

de Paris, Marcel Marceau 
Todd receives a personal invitation to study with Marcel Marceau and lives and tours the world from Paris.  Highlights: the beginning of world tours, establishing offices in England and Holland. Author "The Silent Prophet" and the first edition of "the Mastery of Mimodrame." 


The Academy Years

Fuller Theological Seminary
Calvin College

Todd first earns an M.A.T in Biblical Studies, then a Ph.D. in Theology in Culture with a focus on Performing Arts.  While at Fuller, he is Artist-in-Residence and helps create the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts.  Upon graduation of his Ph.D., he teaches as a Professor of  Theatre at Calvin College.  Highlights Cambridge University, Fuller Arts Festival, and Academy of Homiletics "Esther" 



The Rainbow Players
Todd Farley on Tour

Becoming a Mime

At the age of 13, Todd starts to tour the USA West Coast with the Rainbow Players.  At 15 he studies Mime at the University of Utah and begins to perform his solo show.


Mimeistry Years

Founding Director of Mimeistry International
Mimeistry became a world leader in Christian Mime. Due to the large global influence of Mimeistry, Todd is proclaimed one of the modern fathers of Christian mime, with published works in multiple languages, tours in over 40 nations, and a conservatory for mime in Pasadena California.  Marceau teaches at Mimeistry where he refers to Todd as a "Master" of mime.  Highlight performances at the Sydney Opera House, David's Citadel in Jerusalem, Quiet on the Set, Time2. As and TYA educator he had over 6000 students worldwide working through the Mimeistry Achievement Program (MAP).  Educating children of all ages,  with a special focus on youth from ages 13-26.  


The Fenix Years

Adriel Ruben and Agents of Change

Adriel Ruben joins with Todd to rebirth the artistic focus of Todd's early works: rekindling the artistic pioneer in Todd.  Together they create and tour with YFX Physical Theatre and the Young Fenix House and Fellowship. Highlights FakeOFF,  Grand Rapids Symphony. Todd continued to lead theatre for social engagement, TYA programs, and tours.   www.youngfenix.com 


Pastoring  Years

The United Church of Christ

Todd is discovered by the UCC and is asked to Pastor.  Todd focuses on working with religions that are Open and Affirming to all people (LGBT) and with all faiths as he raises and sees his children off to college. While in Saginaw,He directed the UCC Statewide Youth  programs and tours to the West Coast. He also taught Theater for Educators at Saginaw Valley State University.




Performing Arts At Calvary by the Sea

Calvary by the Sea began a performing arts program for the community in a work that "speaks Truth to Power"  echoing the theme of much of Todd's life work as a "Prophetic Voice."  The program starts with kids and continues on into adulthood.  Though it's been in existence for many years, PAC suspended operations in January 2020 and with COVID-19 active it's future is unknown.


returning to Toddʻs roots

The University of Hawaiʻi Manoa

Todd returns to his childhood home of Hawaiʻi to explore Hawaiian and Asian Theatre and to create a new chapter in his life's work.  While at UHM he worked for the University of Hawai'i Outreach College where he booked artists into schools and libraries throughout the Hawaiian Islands.  Highlights, Flux Magazine, Ohana Arts: directed Willy Wonka & Mary Poppins, UH Outreach Artist tours, Kyogen show.  in January 2019, He completed a major project with the Chamber Music Hawaii for whom he directed a Hawaiian spoken version of L'Histroire du Soldat:  Mo'olelo o ke Koa which addresses Hawaii's struggles with colonialism and materialism.

Teach For America 2019 to present

Todd gives back to the Home of is youth and heart, by teaching at Ewa Makai Middle School where he  teaches Drama for 6-8 graders while he begins to work with other State leaders to develop a new Theatre Curriculum immersed and birthed in Local Hawaiian Culture and Ideas. 

2018 Winifred Ward Scholar


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